Working capital financing is our passion. We work with various businesses on our platform to alleviate financing challenges. By doing this we believe we have created an efficient marketplace to offer working capital.
We believe that by helping businesses to decrease the time in which they get paid by their clients, we increase the businesses' ability to grow.

Gain access to a dedicated marketplace of funders.

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Requirements for using HRE's services

HRE requires that at least 4 of the following criteria be met in order to receive funding through HRE:

Present HRE with invoices for goods or services of at least $10,000.
Trade with reputable businesses and have at least 6 months trade history.
Offer credit terms that meet industry standards (no more than 90 days).
Prove that debts can be collected within a practical timescale. (bank statements clearly showing debtor payments).
Have minimum monthly or annual turnover of $10,000 or $120,000 respectively.
Sign up to a minimum commitment period of 6 months.

Benefits to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of Receivables Discounting with HRE?

HRE makes money available that would otherwise be tied up in invoices. That cash is a business asset, representing a secure method of short-term borrowing without incurring debt.
HRE can also alleviate the hassle of chasing unpaid invoices and the risk of bad debt against the business with flexible contract arrangements and the option of delegating aspects of account management.
HRE receivables discounting is a clever way to free up cash and time so that business owners and managers can focus on the growth of the company.
Harare Receivables Exchange is a trade finance company specialising in providing receivable focused short term working capital solutions.
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