Who we are

Introducing HRE

Who we are

Harare Receivables Exchange (“HRE”) is the only receivables focused, trading company in Zimbabwe. We improve access to financial markets for a wide spectrum of clients including individuals, SMEs and corporates, governmental organisations, NGO’s and financial institutions.

HRE provides investors with a secure, efficient and transparent way to trade short term receivables. At the same time, we provide our clients with a cost-effective way to liquidate receivables to grow their businesses.

All receivables are verified by our team and trading activities are monitored on an ongoing basis. Receivables on our platform are mostly from medium to large reputable debtors who have operated successfully in Zimbabwe for many years.


To provide secure, transparent and efficient working capital solutions for our clients that are underpinned by honesty, integrity, accountability and innovation.

What we do

We simplify structured trade finance tools for the use of everyday working capital needs. This facilitates financial inclusion and improves the conversion cycles of cash within the business and the economy.

We provide strong analytics and reporting capabilities that capacitate our client’s management to make the right business decisions to improve profitability.

We analyse a client’s receivables and determine their suitability for trading. Where receivables are accepted by HRE, we look for a suitable funding partner and provide periodic reports on the performance of the receivables.

All our products are receivable centred and tailored to provide short term trade finance solutions. HRE is a good partner where for example a client has delivered goods or services but has to wait 30 plus days to receive payment before they can repeat the cycle or where a business opportunity arises, but a company’s finances are tied up in invoices that will only be settled at a future date.

How it works

  1. Business delivers goods or services to Debtor, creating receivables/invoices.
  2. Business cedes receivables/invoices to HRE or entity elected by HRE.
  3. HRE or a financing partner advances funds against receivables/invoices.
  4. Advance payment made to Business.
  5. Settlements of Receivables/invoices by Debtor are paid to a designated account approved by HRE. This may be an operating account managed by the Business or an account belonging to HRE.
  6. Business provides HRE with periodic information on receivables/invoices and HRE monitors and provides reports on the receivables/invoices and their performance. HRE also provides pricing for transactions as well as, enhancement, financiers, and payment settlement management services.
Harare Receivables Exchange is a trade finance company specialising in providing receivable focused short term working capital solutions.
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