Frequently Asked Questions

Questions most asked by our clients

How do you select your Preferred Receivables Debtors?

Each Preferred Receivables Debtor is carefully selected by Harare Receivables Exchange, where possible the PRD is periodically reviewed for financial stability. Ultimately, investors at their own risk select which PRDs they want to invest in.

What assurances do you make about the supplier's ability to settle at maturity?
What are you doing as Harare Receivables Exchange to mitigate late payment and default by the supplier?
What happens when payment is not made at maturity?
What is the receivable tenure Harare Receivables Exchange will accept?
Are there any obligations for your Preferred Receivables Debtor (PRD)?
Is Harare Receivable Exchange a debt collection agency?
What is Harare Receivable Exchange's liability in transactions?
Harare Receivables Exchange is a trade finance company specialising in providing receivable focused short term working capital solutions.
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